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Phyllanthus Koreana Crops

This unique crop is grown by contract farmers who are managed directly by the Hepaguard Group. Over 1,000 hectares of enrich farm land are available for cultivation and ample opportunities to expand this hectarage exist, as required. The agronomy of the plant is rather unique, requiring a specific combination of climate, geography, and group moral in order to produce such a high efficacy crop.

Hepaguard GMP Factory

The Hepaguard Group possesses a GMP pharmaceutical plant located in Chong Ju. Present production capacity is sufficient to supply the Korean market and can be expanded to support the Southeast Asian and other export markets into the medium term future.

The plant has a fully equipped QC laboratory and production lines for both capsules and tablets. Each line has a capacity of 80 thousand doses per hour, with downstream blister packing and bottling capabilities. The QC laboratory is capable of checking raw materials by using modern pharmacological and chemical technology. Active therapeutic ingredients included in Hepaguard® are identified by chemical fingerprinting. Research on the active components of our plant extracts has been conducted in order to assure our products will be stable, standardized and consistent.